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News and Events List

God Experience for Second Year Non-Christian Students.

A one day ‘God Experience’ for the Non-Christian students was conducted in the Arrupe Auditorium, LCE by Rev.Fr.Sagayaraj, Dean, ArulKadal.
Father emphasized on the importance of humanity over religion in context to the situations happening around the world. The session was concluded at 3.30 pm with vote of thanks.

Retreat for Second Year Christian Students

The retreat for Christian took place at “Christ the King Church” in Loyola College Campus. The retreat was carried on under the spiritual guidance of Rev.Fr.LeoAnand SJ, Campus Minister, Dyana Ashram. The main theme for the retreat revolved around the idea of “Moving closer to God”. The retreat was concluded by adoration along with the Holy mass.

Competitions – Face Painting & Meganthi

The Women cell of Loyola College of Education conducted Face Painting &Meganthi competitions in view of Women’s Day Celebration.

Ash Wednesday Mass

LCE had the responsibility of planning and leading the Christian students for Ash Wednesday Mass. Ash Wednesday is the first day of the season of lent, a time devoted to fasting, reconciliation and prayer. During the mass students & staff received the ashes, made from the blessed palms used in the Palm Sunday celebration of the previous year. The mass was celebrated by Rev. Fr.Antony Robinson, SJ, Director, Loyola Students Support Services. It was a prayerful start to the Lenten season.

Special Talk on Memory Technique

Resource Person: Mr. Godwin Jebakumar, Asst director, Velammal Knowledge Park Group of Schools.
Memorisation Techniques have a double effect on our brain. Firstly, you learn the information at hand, and secondly you become better at remembering overtime. Mr.Godwin gave few best tips and tricks to help boost our memory for both short and long term.

Placement Training

The first session was about “Interview Preparation Skills” by Dr.Bernard’DSamy, Co-ordinator, LISSTER, Associate Professor in Department of History and Former HOD of Department of History, Loyola College. The second session was about “Interview Presentation Skills” by Dr.T.Sekar, CEO, MD, SathakMat.Hr.Sec.School, Chennai. The Third session about “Interview Introduction Skills” by Br.Jacob, Vice-principal, Champion Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School, Trichy. The fourth session was about “Techniques for a demo class” by Mr. Praveen Sivakumar, Co-ordinator, SV School, Chennai. Three student teachers from three different departments participated in the MOCK interview conducted by the resource persons in a panel. The inputs given by the resource persons enabled the student-teachers to face the interview with confidence and proper preparation by updating their knowledge & skills.

Food Mela

The students of LCE participated in the food mela. Each department were allotted a specific date on which they were asked to bring food items from and sell it during the short break and lunch break. All the departments took part actively and enthusiastically in the food mela. Each department contributed the profit amount to the women cell for Women’s Day Celebration.

TNTEU Zonal level Sports Meet 2019-2020

At Zonal Level, Girls Individual Championship was won by P. Lakshmi, Loyola College of Education. Zonal Level Overall Championship for men was won by Loyola College of Education with 18 points. Zonal Level Overall Championship for women was won by Loyola College of Education with 41 points.

Visit to Innovative Schools for I years

Day 2: 1) Indian Public School, Perungudi.
2) Montfort Mat.Hr. Sec.School, Thomas Mount.
The students were divided into two groups. They visited and observed the innovative practices in the schools.
At Indian Public School they aim to give every child the very best start possible in their education through vibrant and active teaching. They enable the children to become active learners by offering challenging broad and balanced International Baccalaureate and Cambridge Curriculum Programs.
Montfort Mat.Hr.Sec.School provides co-curricular and extra-curricular activities in a well-structured environment, such as Yoga, Robotics, Astronomy, Club, Scouts and Guides, JRC, NCC, School Band, Table Tennis, Martial Arts, Rotract Club and Music classes, dance, Histrionics, Singing, Public Speaking are also given importance. Life skill training programmes, career counselling and guidance, Personality development and inter personal skill developments are part of the curriculum and expert in the field are invited periodically to address & guide the students. Montfort Mat.Hr.Sec.School supports Inclusive education and admits students who are autistic, mentally retarded, learning diabled, spastic, physically challenged, visually challenged, hearing impaired etc,.

Teaching Competency Test –II years

Visit to Innovative Schools for I years

Day 1: 1) Little Flower Convent Higher Secondary School for the deaf & dumb
2) Little Flower Convent Hr. Sec. School for the Blind
The main aims of Little Flower Convent Higher Secondary School for the deaf & dumb are a) to provide full time education free of charge. b) to train teachers in the modern methods of educating the hearing-impaired children. c) to integrate capable hearing-impaired children into regular schools.
The students are taught by the aural-oral method supported by modern means of techniques namely Maternal Reflective Method (MRM). The students are assisted to acquire the skills like Auditory Training, Speech-reading, Speech through conversation, reading & creative writing besides the regular syllabus.
The main objective of Little Flower Convent Hr. Sec. School for the Visually Impaired is to provide an all round education to the visually challenged and make them self-independent and self-confident and thus to integrate themselves with the mainstream of the society. To achieve this, children from the age of four are trained in different skills namely, mobility, Braille reading & writing, communication skills, physical skills, home management skills, self-help skills & vocational skills.
Students of Loyola College of Education had a different learning experience to know how learning is imparted to the special children.

TNTEU District Level Sports Meet, Loyola College of Education (Host Institution) 2019-2020.

The inauguration of the sports meet started with March Past by students from various colleges. This was followed by hoisting of National flag by Rev.Dr.S.Sebastian SJ, Secretary, LCE and the University flag was hoisted by Dr.L.KulandaiTheresal, Principal, LCE. Rev.Dr.S.Sebastian, SJ, lit the Olympic torch which was then carried by the sports representatives of various colleges. S.Koperundevi (II yr), Sports secretary, LCE led the oath taking ceremony. Rev.Fr.S.Sebastian, SJ declared the sports meet open. Various track and field events for both boys (800 mts, 400 mts, 100 mts, shotput, long jump, high jump, javelin throw & 4x100mts relay) and girls (200 mts, 400 mts, 100 mts, shotput, long jump, javelin throw & 4x100mts relay) were conducted simultaneously. Eight officials were invited to officiate various events.
Valedictory function was presided by Rev.Dr.SamualJeyaseelan SJ, Vice-Principal, Director, Loyola Hostel, PULC, Sports& Games.
Dr. K.Devisri, Asst. Professor, TNTEU graced the valedictory function. Prize were distributed by the Chief Guest and Dr.K.Devisri. Girls Individual Championship was won by P. Lakshmi, Loyola College of Education. Overall Championship for men was won by Loyola College of Education with 24 points followed by IASE with 18 points. Overall Championship for women was won by Loyola College of Education with 51 points followed St.Christopher’s College of Education with 7 Points. The sports meet came to an end with vote of thanks. This was followed by National Anthem.

TNTEU District Level Cultural Meet, Loyola College of Education (Host Institution) 2019-2020.

Chief Guest: Rev.Dr. Maria Wenisch, SJ, Director, ICAM College of Engineering and Technology.
Loyola College of Education, Chennai hosted district level Inter-collegiate cultural competition on 10th February 2020. Inter-collegiate culturaland Sports Meet 2019-2020 was inaugurated by Rev.Dr Maria Wenisch, SJ. Gathering was welcomed by Dr.KulandaiTheresal, Principal, LCE, and addressed by Rev.Dr.S.Sebastian, Secretary, LCE and Dr.Devisri, Asst. Professor, TNTEU. The programme came to an end with vote of thanks. There were four events organised 1. Elocution in Tamil, 2.Essay writing in Tamil, 3.Vocal Performance 4.Instrumental performance. Students from 16 Colleges of Educations belonging to Chennai district participated. All the events were judged by the professionals in the respected area. Competitions provided a bigger platform for students to showcase, learn and exchange their cultural capabilities.

Blessing of lift and newly constructed third floor with five classrooms

Chief Guest: Rev.Dr.Francis P. Xavier, Rector, Loyola College.

Photo Session for second years

13th Annual Sports Meet

Chief Guest: Ms. PramilaRamachandran, Record Holder in Long Jump, World police Athletic Championship, Tamil Nadu Police.
The sports meet began with prayer song followed by TamilthaiVazhthu. Dr. L. KulandaiTheresal, Principal, LCE gave a short welcome note and introduced the chief guest Ms. PramilaRamachandran, International Athlete, Department of Police. The guest of honour was honouredwith a shawl and memento. This was followed by spectacular March Past performance by students of Green, Blue, Red and Yellow teams following the Loyola band. Chief Guest Ms. PramilaRamachandran then hoisted the Olympic flag, followed by hoisting of college flag by Rev. Dr. S. Sebastian, SJ, Secretary, LCE. Olympic torch was carried by LCE athletes A.RufusDayasagaran (I yr), B. Vishwakaran (I yr). A. Kalyanasundaranar (II yr), S. Kamali (I yr), AbishekVijin (II yr), M.Nirmala (I yr), M.S.Dayana Rose (I yr) and finally flame was lit by P.Lakshmi (II yr). Ms. S. Koperundevi, Sports Secretary led the oath taking ceremony.
Sports events such as 100 mts for girls, 100 mts for boys, fun games for boys and girls, 4x100 mts relay for girls & boys and finally lucky game for staff were conducted. Prizes were distributed by the chief guest, Secretary and Principal. Green house won the Overall Championship trophy for Athletics, Blue & Red house won the Overall Championship trophy for games and Yellow house won the trophy for March Past. Individual Championship trophy for girls was shared by P.Lakshmi (II yr) & S. Kamali (I yr). Individual Championship trophy for boys was received by A. Rufus Dayasagaran (I yr). vote of thanks was proposed by Mr.J.Arul Martin, Physical Director. The Programme came to an end with National Anthem.