Who We Are

Loyola College of Education

Vision, Mission and Objectives

LCE is passionately and firmly committed to

  Forming prospective teachers of compassion, competence, conscientious, creativity and commitment for others in an atmosphere of intellectual verve and moral integrity dedicated to the development of a more just social order.

  Promoting secular nature of our nation by inculcating values of liberty, equality, and fraternity in the prospective teachers in order that they may become responsible educators of the current century for others in an ever changing techno-world.

  Caring for the creation and to become eco-friendly.

LCE is ardently devoted to inculcating values – excellence, integrity, service, inclusion and leadership in the prospective teachers.

 Excellence : commitment to put one’s heart into excelling in all aspects of life
 Integrity : commitment to act according to one’s conscience
 Service : commitment to care for others
 Inclusion : commitment to respect and serve all with love and concern
 Leadership : commitment to lead others with vision and values
  To focus on sharpening the intellectual capacity, training of the will and formation of character, thus ensuring integral formation of the prospective teachers

 To equip the staff and students with necessary knowledge, skills and attitude for academic excellence

 To provide additional certificate and training programmes to further the professional development of the students, thereby ensuring their placement

 To facilitate the learning of the students by offering co-curricular and extra-curricular programmes that would enhance the all-round development of the students

 To offer value education for inculcating desirable social and human values and moral principles that would make them principled, value-oriented and responsible citizens

 To encourage interreligious harmony through interreligious prayer service and the meaningful celebration of all major religious festivals

 To ensure the admission of all eligible candidates, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, language, and religion, particularly the Dalits, the first generation learners, the rural women students and the economically poor

 To provide the student-teachers with a wide range of experiences that will develop social responsibility through rural/slum exposure camp and visiting the differently abled institutions and street children homes

 To provide a wide range of opportunities for student-teachers to discover their potentialities both physical and intellectual and develop their artistic and aesthetic sense through cultural extravaganza

 To bring about eco-consciousness among the staff and students through environmental education

 To provide Information and Communication Technology (ICT) related resources for effective teaching-learning
  Focussing on three pillars of Jesuit education: Formation of Intellectual Capacity, Training of the will and Formation of Character

 Creating a congenial ambience for promotion of quality of teaching-learning among the staff and prospective teachers, thereby quest for excellence

 Instilling humane values in the prospective teachers to become a person of integrity

 Promoting faith and justice in every aspect of teaching-learning, thereby becoming socially responsible educators for the people in the periphery

  Ensuring the admission of marginalised section of the society, particularly the Dalits, the first generation learners, the rural women students and the economically poor

 Promotion of women empowerment by providing equal opportunity to women students

  Providing value added courses on English Proficiency, Soft skills, Computer Skills, Theatre Pedagogy, First-aid, and Leadership programme, thereby enhancing their professional career

  Promotion of social responsibility by conducting citizenship camp and rural / slum exposure camp, and by visiting differently abled institutions in and around Chennai and street children home